Welcome to EURO 2016, one of thegreatestsoccer match 3 games of the year. Be part of your dream andteam inthe league for becoming champion in Paris, France. Score agoalhattrick with balls and be the soccer star hero of thestadiumduring the EK Soccer 2016. ⛹
The EURO 2016 is happening in France, the place to be duringthesoccer 2016 matchcentre. Do some great soccer match 3 gameplayandscore a goal hattrick with balls in this very addictivepuzzlegame! You’ll be the hero in Paris, France and take the cuphome Thehero of the champion dream and team in the league.The wholestadiumfull of fans will explode of happiness and fun! Becomechampion andsoccer star for your country, no matter if it’s France,Spain,Germany, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, England or anyotherparticipant. You’re the collector of stars to become hero ofthestadium when you score a goal hattrick with balls for yourdreamand team in the league! Take the cup home in this soccer match3game, an amazing but very addictive puzzle game!
EURO 2016:
– Multi Language: English, Dutch, German, Russian, FrenchandSpanish
– Many Challenging Levels in this Soccer Match 3 Game inStadium,League, Dream and Team
– Support your favorite Dream and Team in the League: France,Spain,Germany, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, England oranyother
– Score a Goal Hattrick and be Hero and Champion Soccer Star
– Super Exciting Soccer 2016 Gameplay Experience
– Amazing and Very Addictive Puzzle Game
Play EURO 2016: Soccer Match 3 with your friends and family.Connectwith Facebook and send free gifts! It doesn’t matter if yousupportFrance, Spain, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Portugal,England orany other participating country. You can all be championin thisleague with the team of your dream in this amazing andveryaddictive puzzle game. Take the cup home! Enter the stadiuminParis or any other stadium in the league and become the soccerstarhero! Play with soccer match 3 balls, match 3 or more in a rowandwin the champion cup in this EURO 2016 Soccer Match 3puzzlegame.


  • Euro Fußball-Match 3: 2016 Screenshot
  • Euro Fußball-Match 3: 2016 Screenshot


EURO 2016: Football Match 3 v7.100.6 MOD / Alternative Link